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      Environmental affects Shandong manufacturers for flame retardant, the prices of flame retardant maybe rise

      Original title: Uncover the secret! Only 11 flame retardant factories in Shandong can survive, and the price will going up!

      According to the news, Shandong flame retardant factories are controlled by environmental protection. Only 11 flame retardant factories can survive, and the price of flame              retardant is about to rise.


      Shandong is a major province of flame retardant production, with brominated flame retardants as the main products. There are a lot of flame retardant manufacturers                    affected by environmental protection this time, the price of flame retardants in the market is bound to fluctuate.

      4000 enterprises are banned in one place of Shandong in half a month

      As of July 3, in only half a month, Heze had banned and eliminated 3963 "scattered pollution" enterprises, with a completion rate of 91.9%; 7947 small coal-fired boilers were cleaned up, 99.4% of which were completed. 100 chemical industry transformation and upgrading enterprises with "poor" safety rating were all shut down for rectification.

      The operating rate of many chemical enterprises in Shandong has been greatly reduced

      Since July, the operating rate of deep processing in Shandong has been significantly reduced by nearly 10 percentage points. Shandong Huifeng Petrochemical, Shenchi Chemical, Xingze Chemical, Runbo Chemical, Huabang Chemical, Union Group, Huanyu Chemical, Shitong Chemical, Qifa Chemical and other manufacturers in the area have entered the maintenance shutdown stage, and the specific commencement time is not clear.

      The market is unpredictable. Shandong, as a deep processing intensive area, will inevitably affect the market price trend due to large-scale opening and shutdown.

      Environmental protection supervision, shutdown and production suspension, as well as a sharp decrease in the operating rate, have affected the supply of flame retardants, and the price will definitely rise in the short term.


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